E3: Deadpool First Impressions

Deadpool is one of the few comic book characters that has a serious cult following. The Merc with a Mouth is most well known and beloved by fans for his consistent breaking of the fourth wall, schizophrenic tendencies, and ultra violence. Activision and High Moon Studios have teamed up to bring the character to life and let gamers control the former X-Force member in his own video game.

The demo we played for Deadpool was the opening of the game, sans the cinematic though. The controls are pretty easy to master. Light attacks, heavy attacks, jump and block (which is actually a teleportation ability that we weren’t aware Deadpool possessed). Players can use these various buttons to create a string of insane and bloody combos with Deadpool’s katanas (or sais or sledgehammers if you choose to upgrade to them).

In addition to close quarters combat, players are given a selection of firearms to use including pistols, sub machine guns, assault rifles and shotguns. These offer the most bloody fun for the game in terms of carnage, and seeing Deadpool fire a gun behind him while prancing around is quite hilarious. You’re also given a choice of weapons you can toss including flash bangs, frag grenades, and bear traps. Clearly the over-the-top violence this character is known for has transitioned seamlessly.

The thing fans will love about the game though is how true to the character it is, and how it could change the way you read Deadpool comics. Of course he speaks to the player whenever he needs a hint or objective, but the additional voices in Deadpool’s head are also present and will speak when prompted.

Deadpool isn’t without its faults though. The demo we played still featured a few bugs with enemy corpses getting stuck in the wall. Its mindless violence often feels repetitive, but with the addition of new weapons and guns could provide more entertainment. Players shouldn’t expect an “Assassin’s Creed” level of seamless combat and level design though, it’s very much goofy, over-the-top, and comic book in nature (which many will love).

Deadpool houses nothing more beneath its core than one would expect. It’s an interesting slash-and-shoot game that features the trademark humor and depravity fans love about the character. It likely won’t achieve the sort of acclaim that the Batman games have, but it’s also not trying to do that either. Fans won’t be disappointed, but hardcore gamers might lose interest in its nonsensical button mashing after some time.

You can watch a gameplay trailer for Deadpool below.