9 Superhero Movies That Should Be Remade

The three Blade films combined have made over $400 million at the global box office. While that isn’t “Avengers” money, it’s nothing to scoff at. Plenty of movies would kill to have that kind of bank. Marvel missed one opportunity to reboot the character when a vampire movie was being released every other month a few years ago, and they wisely opted not to put Blade in the already over-saturated market. I’m sure they knew that putting Blade out in theaters again when vampires were the flavor of the month would spell ruin for the film’s potential and are waiting for the best moment to actually bring him back.
Blade, Blade 2, and Blade: Trinity were full of the kind of gore and action that fans have come to expect from a character of his nature, and like Spawn before him, a feature dedicated to his brand of heroics is the kind of entertainment some adults would love to see. There’s no conceivable reason why Blade can’t be presented in a series of films that navigate his journey as a character wherein what he does is semi-believable and fun to watch. Marvel has done it countless times before with their other films. Also, lest we not forget that Marvel currently employs a man that put a big stamp on the vampire genre, Mr. Joss Whedon.
Likelihood of happening:  It’s tough to say. Marvel owns the film rights to the character again so it’s a possibility, but after making billions of dollars with their family friendly-heroes, it’s safe to assume they’re not going to make adults-only features any time soon.