The Best Moments From the James Bond Movies

Thunderball (1965)
Most of the Bond films have spectacular opening sequences, but Thunderball is really in a league of its own. Bond is at the supposed funeral of a SPECTRE agent, but he knows something is up. He enters a room in the church to offer his condolences to the man’s wife, but instead he punches her in the face (This is where the many “men dressed as women” gags from Austin Powers were born). The ensuing fight between the two of them is one to behold. Much of their tussle is them throwing furniture, knives, plates, china cabinets, curtains, clocks, and vases at each other. But in the end, Bond chokes him to death with a fire poker. He then makes his escape with his very famous jet pack.
This might be the only time that Bond has ever killed a man who was wearing a dress.
You Only Live Twice (1967)
This film probably has the most over dramatic and silly fight scene in the entire Bond series (and that’s saying something after that Thunderball debacle). Bond disguises himself as an assassin (that he killed) by putting on his coat and surgical mask. He hops into the man’s escape car which is driven by a man we will now call Goon #1. This isn’t the first time Bond has entered an enemy stronghold in a disguise, but it’s probably the first time he’s been carried in like a sack of potatoes. When Goon #1 puts Bond on a couch, he takes the mask off and the fight breaks out. It’s a very brutal fight and corny in a way that Roger Moore never even tried. 
Bond is thrown through a paper wall. He picks up a couch and hits Goon #1 with it six times. Goon #1 tries to slice Bond with a sword, but he drops it when Bond flips him over for the fourth time since the fight started. Bond picks up a stone idol and sends the goon tumbling across the room with one swing to the noggin. He opens up the bathroom door, which happens to house a full bar, and pours himself a drink.
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)
George Lazenby is the only man to do just one Bond film. He is also sandwiched between two of Connery’s films, which makes him easily forgettable to the casual Bond fan. This film is highly regarded as one of the best in the entire franchise and for good reason. It’s exciting, tense, and heartbreaking. With that in mind, there are two moments in this film that I have to highlight as the best simply because nothing like them ever happens again. First when Bond breaks the fourth wall at the beginning and says “This never happened to the other guy” and then when he quits MI6 and cleans out his desk. This is significant because we’ve never seen Bond’s actual office before, or evidence to suggest he even had one, and here he begins to unpack his keepsakes which include Honey Rider’s knife from Dr. No, the garrote watch from From Russia With Love, and his rebreather from Thunderball.
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