9 Heroes That Should Have Their Own TV Series

It looks like this list is starting to turn into “Take the failed movies and put them on TV,” which I don’t have a problem with, but I digress. We can all agree that the Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern isn’t the greatest film in the world and many a Green Lantern fan (myself included) will assert their disappointment with the movie. The main thing that keeps Green Lantern from being an awesome television series is that it would need a substantial effects budget. If you’re going to do Green Lantern, you have to do lots of constructs and lots of aliens.
Green Lantern is often simplified into the two word pitch of “space cop.” With as many police shows that there are on television, why can’t we have one that is in space? Your cast of ‘cops’ would no doubt be Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Tomar-Re, and Kilowog with the Guardians functioning as the bosses. Another thing that could really work in this show’s favor is Geoff Johns, the mastermind of all things Green Lantern, who has also worked on the CW’s Arrow. He’s in a unique position to help shepherd the project beyond the page. I’ve made peace with the fact that Warner Bros. probably won’t get their act together and have their films all in one universe, thus making a ‘Blackest Night’ movie impossible, but I can hold out hope for a live-action representation of all the Corps one day.
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