9 Heroes That Should Have Their Own TV Series

The CW premieres their newest DC adaptation this week with Arrow. Arrow is an exciting idea for a show because Oliver Queen has never been an A-list character like Batman or Superman and him getting his own show is a good sign for the future of superheroes on television. Green Arrow alone is exciting to see, but the other minor characters from the DCU that the producers have woven into the show make us even more anxious about it. Now if Green Arrow can get his own television show, what’s stopping all these other heroes from having their own slot on our DVRs? These are the heroes that we want to see on TV.
While Daredevil might just be ‘another superhero’ to some people, there are a lot of things that come with the territory that you don’t get with other heroes, even the other Marvel movies. In a world where the viewer will believe that a blind man has radar vision, you can probably get them to go along with anything, and Daredevil has some wacky villains. You could use any number of minor Marvel characters like the Circus of Crime, The Owl, and the Purpleman. But the villains that Daredevil could square off against in multiple episodes is where it’s exciting – Bullseye, Kingpin, and The Hand. These are the kind of villains that we’ve yet to see fully realized in a superhero film or show (Yes, Bullseye and Kingpin were in the Daredevil film, but were they really in the Daredevil film?). Plus who doesn’t want to see Daredevil fight an ENTIRE ninja clan? There aren’t enough ninjas on TV and Daredevil can fix that.