9 Heroes That Should Have Their Own TV Series

#4 X-MEN
Without the first X-Men film, I don’t think we’d be where we are as far as superhero films go. It set the bar for comic movies as box office gold and it still continues to make trucks full of cash (last summer’s X-Men: First Class made over $350 million at the global box office). There are so many mutants and storylines with the X-Men that the films Fox has been making will never touch on all of them. What if the comic book took a turn to the small screen? Given the opportunity to put the X-Men on television in live action would be a comic fan’s dream come true, especially if the show starts out solely with Xavier and the original five X-Men (Cyclops, Ice Man, Jean Grey, Beast, and Angel).
The benefits of telling the X-Men story on television as opposed to how it’s been done in the film series is planning. Many television producers and writers plan out their seasons for their shows long in advance, even when they don’t know if they’ve been picked up for another season. With this in mind, the growth for an X-Men series can be planned in advance instead of having to dance around and make all the pieces fit together (see the X-Men movie franchise). If a capable showrunner that loves the material could get a hold of this (unfortunately we hear Joss Whedon is busy), we might eventually get to see real Sentinels, the Age of Apocalypse, (real) Dark Phoenix, etc.