9 Heroes That Should Have Their Own TV Series

Frankly, I’m surprised that no one has attempted to recreate the success of AMC’s Hell on Wheels by taking a crack at Jonah Hex. More than likely the failed movie is what is keeping people from really considering the idea, but if a capable showrunner and actor (say Thomas Jane, who wanted the part anyway) were involved it could make for a great series. Jonah Hex being a Western it’s better suited for the long form story telling of TV than films, because Jonah Hex is no Wild Wild West.
Hex tells really gruesome stories but also has supernatural plots that really define his journey. But the thing about Hex is that his entire life is capable of being a compelling show due to the hundreds of adventures he has. That might seem like a description of every comic hero, but Hex has literally been fighting for his life since he was a young boy. I wouldn’t expect the series to chronicle his story in order , more likely in flashbacks like the comics, but Hex’s years as a bounty hunter is the ideal framing device for the series. His bounty hunting days are ideal for a show because they show Hex at his worst  and offer a good place to show the reason he acts this way. Plus we would need to see his growing up with the Apache tribe and his time in the American Civil War and only a drunk Jonah Hex will talk about that.