9 Villains That Could Appear in the Batman Reboot

I’ll go ahead and issue a spoiler warning for those that haven’t read the conclusion to “The Court of Owls” arc.
One really good thing about using this group as the bad guys in the film is the familiarity that the current comic-reading audience has with the character. People love Scott Snyder’s work on Batman and his arc about the Court of Owls is highly celebrated amongst most comic fans (though that seldom influences movie studio decisions), but it could be a highly anticipated film if it’s got a story arc that so many people are now very fond of.
The Court of Owls story functions really well as an opener for Batman, which is why DC decided to go with it for the reboot of the character. Batman is clearly established going into the story, but it also offers enough things that mess with the Batman mythos that it could be a cool thing for those unfamiliar with the story to see on screen.
The Court of Owls story offers a lot to be shown in a Batman film: a giant web of conspiracy that is worth exploring, the ‘Night of the Owls’ event that could offer almost 1/3 of the movie being non-stop action, showing the human side of Batmn as he is weakened by the Court in their maze, his discovery of the truth behind the Court and the climactic end battle. This story is nearly perfect for film adaptation  and could transition to the big screen very easy.