9 Villains That Could Appear in the Batman Reboot

It’s pretty much a given that we will see a Batman reboot in the near future. He might get his start in the impending Justice League film or maybe there will just be a fresh new film series for him to star in. Whichever one happens, we really hope that more of his rogues gallery is utilized in the film as opposed to more of the same (though we can’t fault Nolan for that as he did bring three major villains to the big screen that had previously been absent). Plus we all know that who the villain in a film is can usually be an instant turn on for people’s interest in a movie. With that in mind, here is our sampling of Batman villains that we could see appearing in the reboot – some obscure, some very familiar, some brand new, some old, but all of them equally as evil for the dark knight detective.
Zsasz is a whole other kind of crazy from some of Batman’s other villains. He can be just as twisted as the Joker in his ruthlessness. The origin of the character goes like this: a wealthy businessman’s parents are tragically killed (that NEVER happens) in an accident which sends him into a depression. As a result of his depression, Zsasz begins to gamble and loses all of his fortunes to The Penguin. While walking the streets after losing his money, he is attacked by a homeless man and manages to wrestle the knife from him and kill the man. In this moment, Zsasz realizes how pointless life is and sets out to help ‘free’ people from their bodies, doing good in his own eyes. Zsasz also cuts a tally mark into his own skin for every victim that he kills.
This is the perfect start for the Batman reboot, because it does nothing but establish the tone of how the series should be. Zsasz will make sure the film has an antagonist that is both menacing, but also believable. What Zsasz also brings to the film is how he enhances the way Batman will be written. We haven’t seen a lot of Batman’s detective skills on film. A few instances come to mind, but not enough for him to earn the label of “World’s Greatest Detective.” With the totally loony Zsasz on the loose killing people, this is where his detective skills can outshine his punching skills.