9 Villains That Could Appear in the Batman Reboot

Alright, enough of these creepy, character exploration villains. Let’s get to some punching, shooting and explosions! If you want all those things, look no further than Deadshot. Deadshot is capable of bringing some of the same things to the table that Zsasz and Calendar Man do, like being a named villain, but he also brings the potential for a very explosive action movie since he’s so keen on guns and bombs.
Deadshot first appeared in Batman comics looking to take over as Gotham’s number one vigilante. His plan is foiled when Batman and Gordon stop his attempt to take over the Gotham underworld. He’s a highly trained marksman and functions as a hitman after his release from prison and he’s got a nearly spotless record – the one spot on his record is Batman.  
If you take Deadshot and make him the center-point of the new film, then you can go with his attempt at being a vigilante in Gotham and dethroning Batman. This will give you a chance to show Batman and Gordon’s relationship and how well they work together. From there you can develop the character for cameos in future films in his new hitman duds. The only problem with doing the ‘Deadshot as vigilante’ story is that it puts him and Batman at odds with each other for similar reasons as in The Dark Knight, the act of killing being wrong. Much like the Joker in that film, Deadshot doesn’t mind killing people and Batman is highly opposed to it. But as I said earlier, you get your quota of guns and explosions with Deadshot in the film and that alone will keep a lot of people happy.