9 Villains That Could Appear in the Batman Reboot

Some might question this move, but if you’re going to make a new Batman film, you want to ease people into the world of super villains right? That’s what makes Zsasz and Calendar Man good choices, they’re normal people that are overcome by the sensation to commit crimes. They don’t dress as clowns, they don’t control plants or ice, they’re not drug addicted body builders, just people.
Calendar Man was among the Batman rogues that Bill Finger created. Originally the character only committed petty crimes as associated with days of the week or holidays, a bit of a lite-heated villain that was more common in that day and age. He is probably best known for his portrayal in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sales’ great comic “Batman: The Long Halloween” and for his cameo in “Batman: Arkham City.” In these two instances, the character is used more like a Hannibal Lecter intellectual behind bars that ‘helps’ Batman.
It might seem like an overly ‘comic book’ trait for a character to be obsessed with holidays and dates, but if you can give the character due clause to have that trait it can be believed, especially if people are going to go with the guy who dresses like a bat because his parents were killed. Calendar Man should go through all of the phases he’s seen in the comics in the film (without the goofy costumes that is). If he commits a variety of crimes throughout the film starting small with robberies, moving up to kidnappings and murder as it progresses, the audience will be able to see his progression as a villain. This also brings up the detective aspect of Batman stories – with a villain like this, he needs to put on his detective hat.