Hero Chat Episode 3 – September 6, 2012


I wanted to quickly touch upon the upcoming Marvel NOW! “initiative” and how that has come out of the success DC has had with the New 52 and how it’s going to differ. Spencer, do you want to explain what the Marvel NOW! thing is for the sake of Jamie and any reader who doesn’t know about it?

Marvel NOW! is Marvel’s attempt at a relaunch.

Why the need for one?

Because DC did it.

The continuity is staying the same but the series wil be getting new #1s and not all of them either.

That makes… no sense.

And many of the new titles will be coming out of the recent Avengers vs. X-Men event.

Not like the new 52 has been a rousing success, mind you!

I think it’s a success both financially and creatively but one of the things that bothers me about Marvel NOW!…is that they’re not really doing any real thinking outside the box. They basically have shuffled their tried and true talent to new books/characters.


I gotta say I’m surprised they haven’t tried to integrate the movie universe into the comics.

One of the things that I liked about the New 52 is that it not only brought back a lot of vintage talent from the ’90s like Perez, Jurgens, etc but also introduced a lot of new talent on books/characters that people weren’t expecting.

They’ve done comics set in the movie universe. I haven’t read them.

I understand the risk in doing a line wide reboot but things are so silly and muddled at Marvel that they almost need it.

I mean like now with Marvel.

They’ve brought a lot of stuff from the movies into the comics, like Hawkeye’s costume And Invisible Iron Man (One of the best takes on Iron Man in 30 years) is definitely influenced by the movies.

As for the New 52, it started out hot but by all accounts fizzled. Now you got people jumping ship left and right and people like Rob Liefeld, for some reason, publicly taking up the problems. Only caught Grant Morrison’s Action Comics because its Morrison and I heart Superman.

But a lot of titles at DC are still Hot. Aquaman is in the top 10 selling comics every month. That hasn’t happened in ages.

Stop. Aquaman is in the Top 10?!

I think the Batman books are better then ever in terms of writing/storytelling.

It’s true.

Yup, I can vouch for that. DC have finally taken over the Top 10 for the first time in years.

Does he still have the hook? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I made a Zero Hour reference there!

Haha, no hook anymore.

I remember back when it was only X-Men titles in the Top 10. 20 too. I know its the age old argument but… its true. Why bother keeping up when they’ll just reboot in another 5-10 years.

I just worry that Marvel is taking the same initiative they’ve taken over the last few years, same creators, tacking on new #1s knowing full well they’ll sell. For instance, there’s a new habit of tacking “Uncanny” in front of every title.

Uncanny Howard the Duck was great though!

Like with the new “Uncanny Avengers” title.

Right and I feel that Marvel is now becoming notorious for starting with new #1s.. and then a couple years later they’re back to the original numbering, over and over and over again. I’ve lost count of the number of Captain America #1 in the last ten years, but I think we’re up to five now.

As much as Liefeld wants to say DC editors are a mess, things seem worse at Marvel just from the content of the books.

It worked with DC because they really did make EVERYTHING #1 again, it was a complete line-wide reboot and they’ve kept it going for a year now.

There is a bit of “Oh HE’s still talking?” feeling from Liefeld too. He’s not a BS-spreader like Mark Millar to be fair.

People give Liefeld shit (sometimes deservedly) but at least he’s not just towing the company line always. And he also is more phoenix-like than Jean Grey! 🙂

Hell I remember when him and Jim Lee returned to Marvel.

You’re killing me… first you bring up the Flash show and now Heroes Reborn!?!? 🙂

That’s why I’m here. Obligatory Onslaught reference!

My problem is that I’m intrigued enough to buy all the new books (including Deadpool) but I also have been burnt way too many times by Marvel in recent years. If they’re going to do a reboot, they need to start by hiring new editors.

I know myself and a lot of people at my local comic shop agree that Marvel needs new editors.


The best new ideas can only come from new people. Are you going to buy some of the new Marvel NOW! books? Are they generally titles you had been reading before they’re rebooted?

I plan on picking up most of them. The only ones I’m not interested in are “X-Men Legacy” and the FF books.

Honestly.. no. Marvel has the better characters but I am DC guy at heart. Any excuse for Stan Lee to do press!

It’s just so odd that Marvel can do so well in the movie business but still be floundering creatively in comics while DC has the exact opposite problem. Dark Knight not withstanding…

I guess it only makes sense in that irony though.

Another thing that bothers me is Marvel’s $3.99 cover price and this offering digital download for “free” (rather than as an option like DC)… but that’s another conversation.

Couldn’t be more right about that.

All of the Marvel NOW! books are going to be $3.99… that’s 4 dollars!!! for what’s likely to be 20 pages of story tops.

Looks like the FF books are 2.99. That’s what Previews says.

Are they? Well that’s a relief. I was worried they were going to use the excuse to up them to $3.99 like they did with Avengers.

As is deadpool. Thor, cap, ironman, and xmen legacy are 3.99 though.

With those prices, gonna have to start playing favorites.

The killer is that you know that Joe Quesada is going to try to go out to media like the Daily News and TV shows to get interest for the new books and I just don’t see it working.

What is worth your money that you can afford?

I tend to follow writers so I’ll check out what Bendis and Matt Fraction are doing for sure. I’m only interested in Deadpool because that’s the rare case where someone new and different is writing it, someone not from the regular Marvel “writing staff”

Yes, that’s why I want to read Deadpool, too. Don’t read many marvel titles right now and the relaunch could change that if the quality is alright.

The other thing DC has done right is their trade paperback collections, releasing a couple each month.

They did wait a long time before releasing them, too.

Might have to start reading Deadpool when the Ryan Reynolds movie gets going 🙂

These days, Marvel collects almost everything major in trades so you don’t even have to buy individual comics. You know the trade collections are coming


Rob Liefeld may have to pick a side once the Deadpool movie comes out 🙂 


(Of course, at the time of that statement, Ed didn’t realize Liefeld had already quit DC Comics.)

That’s it for this episode of Hero Chat! Please leave your comments and thoughts below. We probably won’t have another one of these for a month or more.

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