Hero Chat Episode 3 – September 6, 2012


With Christopher Nolan wrapping up the Batman trilogy on his own terms and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is still on the “We’ll see…” phase, the pressure is on for Warner Brothers/DC Comics to keep up with Marvel and following the jaw-dropping success of The Avengers, the logical step is Justice League. Rumor mill is ripe with directorial candidates. Ben Affleck, the Wachowskis, Brett Ratner, Zack Snyder again, Rueben Fleischer, McG…

Are any of these guys realistic choices and should WB even be concerning themselves with Justice League altogether?

Affleck already denied it, so he’s out.

Well Affleck said he wasn’t doing it…

I was dubious of the George Miller Justice League but I think Warners/DC have a great blueprint for a Justice League movie in the Geoff Johns/Jim Lee comic book and I think that might be the way to get all the characters out there at once.

While bitch slapping us movie-news sites.

Ben Affleck seems to have forgotten how we all forgave him for Daredevil… and Gigli… and Surviving Christmas…

Rattner and McG are nightmare choices.

I don’t see either of those being viable choices. Warner Bros tends to go to directors they’ve worked with.

I don’t see the Wachowskis being in a place to pick up the movie after getting done with Cloud Atlas stuff this year, they might be too tired

Affleck is content with where his career is headed as a director now. If he’s going to go bigger and more ambitious, a superhero movie doesn’t seem fit.

Nolan did Insomnia with them before they put him on Batman and Martin Campbell was doing Edge of Darkness (as well as having Casino Royale under his belt). I think the Wachowskis would be a great choice, even if it’s just as producers. One catch is that Warners are kind of going around their former partner Joel Silver at this point. He had a large part in The Matrix happening.

Looking at the people up for Superman, WB wants to deal with people they’ve worked well with. So these rumored choices make sense.

Maybe they can convince Steven Soderbergh not to retire.

That could be interesting.

The Wachowskis were up for Superman. From what I heard, even went as far to pitch an idea but wouldn’t direct, they would only produce/write. If they didn’t go for safer commercial fare after Speed Racer bombed as bad as it did, no way they’re gonna do it after Cloud Atlas bombs.

I really want to see Gina Carano as Wonder Woman. The Wachowskis were up for Superman pre-Bryan Singer actually i.e. after Warners saw Neo flying in Matrix Reloaded.


I don’t think Warners has that big an investment in Cloud Atlas though. Aren’t they just distributing/marketing? But Wachowskis could totally produce and have Tom Tykwer direct

As for McG, he gets a bum rap. Justified given his mouth. But we have to remember. McG is the guy who discovered Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh and the suit done up for Flyby is flat-out the one they’re using for Man of Steel. We talk about all these names but watch it be some random visual-effects dude making his directorial debut.

I think the key for Justice League is also a director who can handle large casts which is why Joss Whedon worked on Avengers. If you get someone too new, they will get trodden on by the actors and they’ll gang up on him.

Is Warners that smart though? They’re starting with the big movie and then splitting into the small ones.

Also this director will be involved with casting all the roles except for Superman.

Zack Snyder certainly makes sense and it would be a good way to continue on from Man of Steel, especially if they bring Cavill over.

WB doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Not sure how they’re going to work Batman unless they get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Nightwing! 🙂

He did say he’s not interested in JLA though, but that could be misdirection.

Well… Levitt would be Batman and I have a take as a matter of fact… Why wouldn’t they even try to incorporate the Nolanverse here is beyond me. Nolan’s trilogy is great. But you know what? He doesn’t own it. WB can do whatever the Hell they want.

This is very true but they could theoretically hurt their relationship with Nolan for future movies and he’s their wonderchild so they will try not to sour that relationship.

If Nolan is even staying there.

That’s probably it, as much sense as it makes for the films he’s a better investment.

Nolan clearly isn’t interested in stay in this genre. He got his trilogy and he got to work on Superman. Apparently he made some big calls on Man of Steel. But beyond that… I don’t think he cares.

I wonder when they’ll have this figured out. Will Justice League have a director by year’s end or is this just going to go on forever?

Part of me wonders if this is another Justice League: Mortal situation in the making.

I say “Bring back Wolfgang Peterson!” He was originally going to do World’s Finest if I recall.

Is that the mo-cap film they wanted to do?

But they actually got a long way into preproduction on Mortal from what I hear.

He was and hasn’t been heard from since Poseidon.

Or…Alfonso Cuaron! That would be thinking out of the box.

Do you suspect foul play as well? 🙂 I have wondered… Here’s the thing. Justice League is pointless. People want to see Superman and Batman. Just make THAT movie instead.

Speak for yourself! I want to see a good Flash and a better Green Lantern and Wonder Woman! And Martian Manhunter and Aquaman and Hawkman and Atom etc. etc

WB is still hot for that Batman v. Superman script from Andrew Kevin Walker with, yes, Wolfgang Peterson to direct.

Yeah? I thought that was part of the Lorenzo di Bonaventura regime. It’s hard to keep up with all that craziness.


And on the final page we talk about the diffrences between Marvel NOW! and DC’s NEW 52.

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