Hero Chat Episode 1 – August 1, 2012


Spencer: When and who do you think Marvel will announce as the creative team/cast for Guardians of the Galaxy? I’ve been re-reading it now lately and I’m at a loss for any ideas.

Well, the first question is how much they’re going to base on the comics, because there’s a LOT of backstory to deal with and the idea of doing Guardians is very ambitious because of the HUGE scale that it’s on anyway.I haven’t read a ton of the new Guardians so if this decision was to try to sell more comics, it’s working! Most of the trades are sold out or going for ridiculous prices on the back market. The thing is that I would never have pegged Kenneth Branagh or Joe Johnston to direct a Marvel movie.

True, maybe they’ll surprise us big time with the creative team for this one.

Is it possible that the whole reason they’re doing Guardians in the first place is that someone like Whedon specifically wants to direct it?

Silas, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Even before it was announced, there was that issue of Avengers Assemble I pointed out that had the Guardians in the movie Avengers universe. Other than J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, who do we know can do big outer space epics?

Maybe this is why Avatar 2 is delayed :).

James Cameron? That would be… expensive! Joss Whedon would make sense if he was the one who wanted Thanos at the end.

That and they can slap the “From the Director of The Avengers” on all the commercials.

That would make it an easier sell… I wonder how many comic readers have ever heard of them.

I also think that Disney wants a sci-fi franchise. It didn’t work out with TRON and it didn’t work out with JOHN CARTER.

I’m just wondering how they are going to introduce this to audiences. People knew Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk at least somewhat.

Exactly… other than an appearance on the new Avengers cartoon, Guardians of the Galaxy have never been outside comics.

There’s a raccoon with a gun. ‘Nuff said!

And a talking tree! It’s like a Nintendo game!

Is the mainstream world ready for Rocket Raccoon and Groot? Maybe kids would like them… and actually, maybe teen girls, too. Hmmm…

They obviously need to do something in the next three movies to introduce them.

I’d guess Thor would be the most appropriate place.

Yeah, that definitely makes sense. Especially if Odin has control of an Infinity Gem.

Maybe we can get a tease at Drax in the Iron Man 3 post-credit scene?

You can have Thanos kill him and get Hopkins’ expensive paycheck out of the way.

I’ll call it right now… Dwayne Johnson for Drax the Destroyer!

That’s one way to sell it to an audience.


I’m guessing that’s not going to happen if the Distinguished Competition is courting him for Lobo.

That’s what I was going to say.

Oh, that’s right. But Dwayne has a good relationship with Disney.

Maybe they can just get Andy Serkis.

Andy Serkis can play all the parts via motion capture.

Maybe for Groot.

Doug Jones as Groot.

That seemed too obvious to me.

Oh, I’d say Andy Serkis for Rocket Raccoon… great idea, Mirko!

Who for Gamora though?

Olivia Wilde!

Oooo, good choice.

I’m into it.

Maybe Disney will forget she was in Tron…

She’s STILL in TRON! She just voiced Quorra in the animated series.

They can advertise it as “The actress from TRON wearing nothing but body paint.”

Jaimie Alexander, oh wait.

I feel like Star-Lord could be anyone.

Chris Pine for Star-Lord. I could also see Rosario Dawson but I don’t think she’s “big enough” for Disney/Marvel to consider.

Being “big” has never been a problem and I’m not sure that Marvel will necessary want names… especially if Joss Whedon directs. I think I need to try to get an interview with Joss in Toronto for the Shakespeare movie. Guardians is kind of Shakesperean. Can you guys think of anyone else who might be good to direct a Guardians movie?

Paul Verhoeven. But just because I always want him directing everything.

Maybe the District 9 guy?

I wonder if he’s still got it to do a big movie like that… plus he has to be able to fit into the Marvel Studios machine. I don’t get the impression he would fit in well with the Marvel Studios machine.

He was attached to do their “Dinosaur” at one point before it was majorly reworked.

I think Duncan Jones would do a good job… and he has a good sense of humor, which would be important.

I’d like to see Duncan Jones do a Marvel movie.


Then again, if we’re looking at a CGI heavy Marvel film, a Pixar director might be a good choice.

I was thinking Brad Bird

Isn’t he attached to something else? I thought I read that.

Something Marvel-related?

No, just something in general. No, I’m thinking of Andrew Stanton.

Yeah, he’s had another live action project it he works from before Mission: Impossible. Not to backtrack but how about Jake Gyllenhaal as Star-Lord?

Oooo… I’m all about Jake G. with Duncan Jones directing.

The Guardians of the Galaxy characters have to be the hottest roles right now.

You think? I dunno… like I said, no one’s heard of them.

I’m pretty sure Marvel Studios is hearing from agents.

I just think Jones would be a good fit, plus he and Jake worked together on “Souce Code.”


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