Hero Chat Episode 1 – August 1, 2012

Edward Douglas here with the inaugural installment of Hero Chat, SuperHeroHype’s readable podcast where we talk about comics and comic and superhero movies for your reading entertainment. No aspect of anything related to comics will be off limits, and while we’ll always have one or two of the SuperHeroHype staff involved, we hope to have special guests as well as sometimes even getting some of our readers involved.

But first, let me introduce the co-host of Hero Chat and the latest addition to SuperHeroHype, Mr. Spencer Perry! Anything to add, Spencer?

“Hi, everyone! Glad you’ve decided to check out our Hero Chat. I was really excited to be brought aboard the team here at CS/SHH a few months ago, but I’m doubly excited for the potential that we have with this. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as we did participating!”

For our first Hero Chat ever, we have the two other primer movers and shakers from ComingSoon.net and SuperHeroHype, our Los Angeles writer Silas Lesnick and our Editor-in-Chief, Mirko Parlevliet, both who popped in for part of the chat. Besides talking about The Dark Knight Rises, we also touch upon two of the hottest topics from the Marvel Studios’ panel at Comic-Con as well as looking at the rise and potential fall of superhero movies in terms of popularity.

So you can keep track of who is speaking:






But they don’t need to. It makes sense to anyone who saw the first film to have him come back. I mean, it’ll be his origin in the sequel. You don’t need any additional backstory.

 But it makes sense.

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