The 10 Comics We DON’T Want to See From Marvel NOW!

Jason Aaron is one of my favorites and he’s doing a lot of cool things with this series. While I do think this title could do with some downsizing in scope, it doesn’t need to get relaunched already. You don’t just take your comics nominated for Eisner Awards and relaunch them (unless you want them to get re-nominated for Eisners the next year I guess). Give this one a few years before we move it around because now it’s golden.
While I stand by my opinion that the comic shouldn’t get relaunched, it could use some work. I understand the premise was of Logan restarting the school and for the most part it’s stayed that way, but I’d like to see this one go one of two ways: 1. Focus more on the kids and their control of their powers and learning what it means to be on the X-Men. 2. Focus more on Wolverine and the other X-men going around and doing X-men stuff while trying to balance the whole running a school thing. If the comic took one of these ideas to it’s core it would be cool to see the other idea turned into a monthly series, but I think we’re going to be getting enough Avengers and X-books from the relaunch.
Likelihood of happening: I’d say this one is safe from relaunching.
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