The 10 Comics We DON’T Want to See From Marvel NOW!

With the news of Marvel NOW! having just come around, we decided here at SuperHeroHype to talk about what we want to see in this “next chapter” of the Marvel characters, and we did that here. We also thought it would be a good idea to talk about the titles that we think Marvel should NOT include in their relaunch. As with our other piece, we should make it clear though that this isn’t a reboot. This is simply new titles with new creative teams behind them – some characters will be getting new costumes, and yes some comics will be going back to #1 instead of their current numbers. 

So ‘how is that not a reboot?’ You ask? Well the continuity of the characters and 616 universe will be untouched. Everything that has been happening in the past few years, including this summer’s Avengers vs. X-Men will still be canon. Plus in favor of wiping the slate clean and doing a full reboot of the entire universe, Marvel has decided to slowly churn out new titles over a period of five months. What most non-comics readers won’t realize is that Marvel is usually starting new comics all the time. This summer they’re doing a new Captain Marvel comic and a new universe jumping X-treme X-men, and Gambit & Hawkeye are getting their own titles in August. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the titles that Marvel should leave along and not take back to the start.
Stopping Waid’s run now and having him start over would be one of the dumbest ideas at Marvel since negating Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating because it would be worse. This is shaping up to be one of the best modern runs on a superhero comic. Hornhead needed a reinvention after Shadowland (which I liked but with an ending like that you gotta go back to the well). Daredevil might not be the most popular of superheroes but I would argue that he’s one of the best and simply starting over seems like an awful idea. Plus if the people really wanted to read Daredevi,l they would have jumped on the train when the relaunched the series a year ago.
Likelihood of happening: Not a chance. Axel Alonso confirmed in an interview with CBR that they have no plans to interrupt some of the newly formed series but he specifically mentioned Daredevil: “Mark Waid is doing a fantastic job on that book and his run is still very new. So we have no interest in interrupting that book.” Great!