9 Ways DC Entertainment Can Catch Up to Marvel Studios


One of the reasons why Marvel Studios has been so successful is that they have one man who has acted as a conductor or an orchestrator for the past six years helping to pull things together and give Marvel Studios its own identity after the Marvel movies made by Sony, Fox and Lionsgate. Feige has had the foresight to hire the likes of Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnston and Joss Whedon to direct movies based on their comic characters and who else would ever have seen the potential in the likes of unknown actors like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston to play Thor and Loki? He also has put together a crack production team to make all the productions go smoothly.

Warner Bros. certainly has lots of experience with film production and they’ve done a fine job over the years, but if they really want to make a serious effort making movies based on their comics, they need someone who knows as much about making movies as they do comics. Geoff Johns would be the obvious choice since he’s done such a masterful job guiding the DC comic book universe over the last few years, but he hasn’t produced as many movies in the same way as Feige. (And maybe we’re selfish but we wouldn’t want Johns to have to give up writing the comics to have the time to produce movies.)

You’ll still want creative individuals like Johns and Jim Lee involved every step of the way if you want to make a movie that lives up to the comics, but you also need bonafide filmmakers, those who know what works for the audiences sitting in theaters. You also need someone who can navigate the ins and outs of film production (Johns’ background is television), and this means that Warner Bros. needs to find someone they can trust to take the reins of the movies and make them happen. In the time since leaving Warners, Lorenzo di Bonaventura has proven he can do this so we can only imagine that other forces were holding him back when it came to doing comic movies at Warners. (Although to be fair, Catwoman and Constantine were made under his watch.)