11 Avengers We MUST See in an Avengers Sequel

Marvel’s The Avengers finally opens in North America on Friday. Many of you may have already seen it and others will be seeing it soon enough, but as a life-long Avengers fan, I’ve already starting thinking ahead to what I hope will happen with a second and even a third Avengers movie, and which Marvel Universe characters I think would make great additions to the Avengers. Since we already know that Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige sees this as the first part of a brand-new franchise, we’re hoping on Monday, Marvel Studios goes ahead and announces that they’re going to set the ubiquitious Untitled Avengers Sequel for that still-unannounced May 2014 release date they’ve been holding.

Now normally, I’m not a big fan of these lists. In fact, I think that spending too much time writing about a movie that’s probably going to make a bajillion dollars is taking me away from writing about movies that really need help, but since I started thinking about this stuff anyway, I thought, “Why not share it with SuperHeroHype readers?”

We would usually go for the “countdown format” where we count down the characters in the order we wanted to see them, but instead, we’re going to go in the opposite order and go through the list in order from whom we think has to be brought into the Marvel Movie Universe to a few odder choices.

#1 The Vision

If there is one Avengers character that absolutely must make his way into the movies sooner rather than later, it’s this android that can change his density. Yeah, maybe it doesn’t sound too amazing when described that way, but he can become transparent enough to pass through walls and as dense as a diamond making him super-strong and resilient. Plus he’s an android with a computer for a brain that allows him to store lots of data and memories. He’s actually a really cool character who has recently been reintroduced into the Marvel Comics Universe, making him a great choice to use in the movies.

There are really cool visual things about the character and his powers that could translate into a really amazing movie character, though he’d probably have to be done via CG and performance capture ala the Hulk, and in fact, I have a great idea of how the Vision could be introduced to the Avengers movie universe and who could provide the voice and motion capture, but it’s a MAJOR SPOILER for the Avengers movie, so you should wait until you see it before scrolling your mouse over the blank section below. Again… MAJOR SPOILERS!

Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson kind of has a similar look and hairline as The Vision so it wouldn’t be hard seeing S.H.I.E.L.D. commemorating their bravest agent by creating an android with his look and memories, as well as the voice of Clark Gregg, which will also allow them to keep the actor involved in the Marvel Universe despite what happens to him in The Avengers.