A Sneak Preview of The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game

Once Spider-Man gets into the story by entering various buildings, we get to see how the fighting in “The Amazing Spider-Man” differs from Beenox’s last few Spidey games, because you have a lot more options. You can hide in the shadows and take down enemies using a stealth mode similar to the Spider-Man Noir levels of “Shattered Dimensions” or you can be brave and jump into the fray with large groups of baddies using normal combo combat. The two can be combined in ways we haven’t really seen in many video games, and Web-Rush can be used in all these situations to attack enemies or pick-up and throw objects.

One of the Spidey villain bosses that’s been announced so far is the Rhino and we got to see some of that boss battle and how Web-Rush plays into it, allowing you to choose a number of options. This fight takes place in an underground power plant and using the Web-Rush, you have to spread web between electrified poles and then trick the Rhino to charge at you and get stuck in the webbing.

The game will mainly focus on Spider-Man, although Peter Parker does make at least one appearance, and his camera is always handy to take and save pictures of the open world environment. Another big difference with the new game is that Spidey’s mechanical webshooters can be upgraded over the course of the game, although Spider-Man will have to find different pieces in order to do so.

Beenox hasn’t announced whether Andrew Garfield or any of the actors from the movies might provide their voices for their game, but we have to assume that’s the case since this is a movie tie-in game and Sony is involved.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” video game will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS on June 26. Expect more announcements about the bosses, voice cast and more between now and E3 in early June. You can watch the latest trailer, featuring Iguana, using the player below!