CinemaCon Video Interview with Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor!

Anyone who has read our write-up on Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios’ presentation at Comic-Con already knows how excited we were to see 20 minutes of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, hitting 3D and 2D theaters on May 6.

Before we had a chance to watch that footage, we talked to actor Chris Hemsworth, Thor himself, on the press line about which Thor comics he read to decide how to play the character. He talked about having watched an early cut of the film and what surprised him the most, why we haven’t seen or heard anything about Dr. Donald Blake being in the movie, what he’s been doing to prepare for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers and whether he’s been in the room with all the other actors to test out the chemistry. You can see what he said about all these things in the video interview below.

Thanks to Peter Sciretta from /Film for his contribution to the interview.