Update: Logan Lerman in Early Talks for Spider-Man?

UPDATE: Heat Vision reports that both Sony and the actor’s reps say that Lerman is not the frontrunner just yet and that no actual “business discussions” have been made with Lerman.

Both Columbia Pictures and the actor’s camp have denied that Lerman, who stars as the title character in “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief,” is the lead candidate for job. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Lerman reportedly said, “There have been a few discussions; it’s definitely something I’m looking into.” That has led to reports that Lerman is the new Parker.

While a “wide net” is being cast, according to a studio spokesman, “No offers have been made, nor have any business discussions been made with Lerman.”

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief star Logan Lerman revealed to Access Hollywood that he is in early talks with Sony Pictures to play Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot.

“There have been a few discussions, it’s definitely something I’m looking into,” the 18-year-old Lerman said. “It’s one of my favorite characters ever and I’m a huge fan of the series. I’d love to have more conversations about it. I’m definitely very interested in it.”

Access Hollywood adds that Logan said the interest in him playing Spider-Man was “vice versa” from both him and the studio.

“It’s just, you know, conversations are starting. It’s a long process with the studio and the producers and everything. But it’s definitely a project that I’m really interested in, of course. I’d love to focus on the human element a little bit more. It’d be such a fun experience.”

You can listen to the audio interview using the player below:

Source: Access Hollywood