Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Books and Comics Deals for Feb 25

What are the good cheap reads right now? While we remain stuck inside, it’s a good time to catch up on some good books. In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better deals has running as of publication time. Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand. But as of now, these are the deals for Feb 25.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth Hardcover


Bruce Wayne awakens into an apocalyptic hellscape where he has never before been Batman, and he’s carrying the Joker’s still-talking head in a lantern. Can he discover the secret of Omega, the oddly familiar villain responsible for bringing him here?

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth Hardcover


Wonder Woman fights monsters in a wasteland, with limited powers and — yes — no memory of how she ended up in this post-apocalypse world. DC’s Black Label appears to favor certain trends.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol. 1: Aphra


The rogue archaeologist who periodically serves Darth Vader has become one of Star Wars‘ most popular characters never to appear in live-action or animation. Follow her adventures from the beginning, on both sides of intergalactic law, in search of rare artifacts.

100% Biodegradable Comic Collection: An action packed sci fi adventure comics anthology from creators around the globe.


Twenty-five darkly comedic sci-fi and horror tales from some of the hottest talents working in UK comics today. Odds are you’ll discover at least one you like.

Locke & Key Master Edition Volume 1


Go back to the source comics by Joe Hill that inspired the Netflix series about a house full of mysterious locks. This master edition includes the first two story arcs, with new cover art and design by Gabriel Rodriguez.

Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams


The Outback merges with Gotham City in the mind of Arkham Asylum’s newest patient, The Maxx. Returning to his signature character, Sam Kieth teams him with Batman on a trip through the minds of the institution’s most deranged criminals.

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues – Johnny’s Story


This is the story the fan theories have been telling for years. View the events of the original Karate Kid movie through Johnny’s eyes — at least the way he tells it to his new students. Which, knowing Johnny, isn’t the most reliable version.

Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Mike Mignola has posted sketches online and auctioned them off for charity. For anyone unable to afford an original, this book collects them all at a reasonable price (even more so with discount), with all proceeds still going to World Central Kitchen.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Minicomic Collection (DARK HORSE BOOK)


All the little comic books that used to come packed in with Masters of the Universe action figures, collected in one big compendium. See the evolution of He-Man, Skeletor, and the rest of Eternia from pre-Filmation barbarians to the better-known era of Prince Adam and Orko.

House Of M Ultimate Edition


Many hardcore comics fans think WandaVision will ultimately prove to be a loose adaptation of this landmark storyline, in which Wanda Maximoff tries to alter reality to give everyone their heart’s desires. Naturally, some unplanned and unpleasant side effects ensue.

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