Superhero Hype Cosplay: Elektra

Note From the Editor: This week, Superhero Hype’s special guest cosplay correspondent is Ashlynne Dae, the woman who launched our cosplay coverage last summer. Ashlynne’s subject for this column is Marvel’s Elektra Natchios, the assassin who memorably made her debut during Frank Miller’s legendary Daredevil run. While Elektra has previously appeared in live-action for Fox and for Marvel TV on Netflix, Ashlynne’s take on the character is clearly more inspired by Elektra’s comic book look.

Hello lovely humans! This week, I’m going to be going through how I made my Elektra cosplay.

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I hope you enjoyed this little walk through. This was a fun project to tackle. And even though it wasn’t smooth sailing the entire way, I ended up really liking the results.

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