Venom Attacks a Female Host in Incredible New Cosplay Photos

Photographer Adam Jay of Superhero Photography caught our eye today with an incredible series of cosplay photos that feature Marvel Comics’ Venom symbiote attacking and merging with a female host. Unfortunately, some of the images ended up getting pulled from his Facebook pages, but we’re happy to host a couple below along with selections from his diverse gallery of comic book inspired heroes and villains, including shots of Lara Croft, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman as well as a zombie take on Iron Man and a medieval version of Batman.

“For the last 3 years,” Jay explains of his own “origin story”, “I have specialised in Pole Dance Photography (Pole Images) and have risen to be well respected in the industry throughout the world, and considered to be top of the game. This is now my aim with this style of photography, to become the best and most creative. I want people from around the globe to seek me out, wanting to work together to create something amazing and really push the boundaries.”

Click on any of the images below to check out Jay’s full site for lots more photos and follow him on Twitter at @superherophotos.