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Is Kang Stronger Than Thanos? Who’s More Powerful

Is Kang stronger than Thanos, and who’s the most powerful Marvel villain of the two? With the MCU now having a new big bad guy to contend with, fans are wondering if Kang the Conquerer is more of a threat than the Mad Titan. So who is the strongest of the two?

Kang vs. Thanos: Who is stronger?

Kang is stronger than Thanos, with the Conquerer being much more challenging to defeat than the Infinity Gauntlet-wielding villain.

Kang is a human, so he isn’t naturally more powerful than Thanos, but his presence throughout the multiverse makes him a far stronger opponent than the MCU Thanos who snapped away half of all life in Infinity War.

There are several reasons why Kang would win a fight against Thanos, and we’ve detailed them all below.

We have also included unavoidable story spoilers for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, so if you haven’t watched it yet, be warned!

The Council of Kangs

Thanos may be incredibly powerful, but we’ve already seen the MCU’s heroes defeat him and there has been no threat of a stronger Thanos from a different multiverse timeline. In fact, in What If…? episode 8, we watched a version of Thanos being easily sliced in half by the Ultron-controlled Vision.

On the other hand, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania introduced the Council of Kangs, an army of Conquerers from across the multiverse who are now laser-focused on Earth-616 — the version of Earth in which the MCU takes place. While Kang has popped up in Loki and Quantumania, we have yet to see the true threat level of all of the villain’s variants. Considering that Kang knows how to use the multiverse to his advantage, Thanos quite literally wouldn’t see the Conqueror coming.

Kang beat Thanos in the comics

Now this isn’t canon, but Kang has already beaten Thanos in the comics.

In Avengers Mech Strike #4, the Avengers team up with a time-displaced Thanos to take on Kang. This confrontation does not go well for the Mad Titan, with the confrontation between the two only lasting for two pages — Kang accelerates time and ages Thanos until he dies.

Kang does have the advantage of having combined with a Celestial in this comic, meaning that he received a tremendous power boost as a result. However, that also outlines Kang’s general advantage should he go toe-to-toe with Thanos in the MCU — his awareness of the multiverse and ability to move between timelines means that he has access to powers and abilities that Thanos could only dream of possessing.

Why Kang would beat Thanos

Kang isn’t physically stronger than Thanos, and if the two were to square up in a one-vs-one fight then the Titan would arguably win. However, Kang’s knowledge of the multiverse means that would quite literally be several steps ahead of Thanos at all times. As a result, Kang wins this battle.

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