Spider-Man Blood Hunt 1 cover with Morbius by Marcelo Ferreira
(Image Source: Marvel / Marcelo Ferreira)

Even Morbius is Sick of Morbin’ Time Line

The “Morbin’ Time” meme was first formulated as a parody of the humor in the Morbius movie. A play on the Power Rangers‘ catchphrase, “It’s Morphin’ Time,” the “Morbin’ Time” line did not appear in the film. However, it still came to be associated as indicative of everything that made the movie a critical and financial failure. Now, the infamous line has made its way into the mainstream Marvel Universe. And Morbius the Living Vampire is not amused.

The line emerges in Amazing Spider-ManBlood Hunt #2, by Justina Ierland, Marcelo Ferreira, and Chris Campana. The previous issue found Dr. Michael Morbius and Colleen Wing joining forces to raid what they thought was a vampire den. They were surprised to discover the base was a lab for Hemoglobin, Inc. – a scientific start-up seeking a cure for vampirism.

How Morbin’ Time makes it into Morbius comic

Theocritus, the head of Hemoglobin, Inc., was familiar with the Living Vampire’s work and hoped to recruit him. The company had made progress on their cure, but didn’t have anyone with the expertise of the great Dr. Michael Morbius. His presentation and tour of the lab convinced the Living Vampire there might be benefits to a partnership. However, Theocritus almost sank his pitch with an infamously ill-chosen phrase.

Morbius Hates Morbin Time Phrase in Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt 2
(Image Source: Marvel)

While an amusing nod to an infamous meme, the scene also nods to how Morbius seems to have come to hate his own name in the comics since his movie bombed. Rather than using his last name or the “Living Vampire” moniker, he has recently gone by “Dr. Mike.” This news stunned Peter Parker, who couldn’t believe his old enemy would answer to something so informal. Presumably Marvel wants to limit the use of the Morbius name, in the wake of the film’s failure.

Amazing Spider-Man – Blood Hunt #2 is now available at comic shops everywhere.