Darkwing Duck Dynamite Comics
(Image Source: Dynamite Entertainment)

Darkwing Duck Gets Dynamite Kickstarter

Dynamite Entertainment has profited handsomely from its partnership with Disney. The publisher recently set a Kickstarter record with its special collection of classic Gargoyles comics. Now the company is giving the same omnibus treatment to Darkwing Duck.

The Darkwing Duck Collection will be made up of three volumes. The first will collect the recent Dynamite series by writer Amanda Deibert and artist Carlo Cid Lauro. The second book, “Heroes and Villains,” contains the Justice Ducks and Negaduck miniseries published by Dynamite Entertainment. The third volume will collect the first Darkwing Duck series published by Marvel Comics in 1991. It will also contain rare comics originally produced for the Disney Afternoon magazine.

The covers of the three omnibus volumes can be seen below.

DD Kickstarter TPB Vol 1 cvr
DD Kickstarter TPB Vol 2 cvr
DD Kickstarter TPB Vol 3 cvr
(Image Source: Dynamite Entertainment)

Darkwing Duck Kickstarter Benefits

This omnibus set will be available in several editions, catering to the tastes and budgets of a variety of readers. The books will be available in both hardcover and softcover editions. There will also be a limited printing of 500 hardcover editions, signed by Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones, with original remarqued sketches by Ken Haeser.

Beyond the matching set of Darkwing Duck books, those who support the Kickstarter will have other incentives to contribute. Fans will have the opportunity to commission original art from cover artists Jim Lae and Ken Haeser. There will also be deluxe lithographs and giclée prints of artwork.

Backers will be able to purchase collectible editions of comics from the original Dynamite series. There will also be a limited edition facsimile of the first Darkwing Duck #1 from 1991, with gold and purple foil. Finally, everyone who joins the campaign within the first 48 hours will get a limited edition mini-print of the Terror that Flaps in the Night.

The Darkwing Duck Collection is now live on Kickstarter.