My Adventures With Superman Writer Launches Post-Apocalyptic Sports Comic

BOOM! Studios has announced I Heart Skull-Crusher, a new post-apocalyptic sports comic from Josie Campbell and Alessio Zonno.

BOOM! describes I Heart Skull-Crusher as a Mad Max-inspired young-adult series set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic United States. Written by Campbell and illustrated by Zonno, the book launches in March 2024 under the BOOM! Box imprint. The debut issue features a main cover by Zonno and a variant cover by R1c0.

Check out the covers for I Heart Skull-Crusher #1 below:

Campbell is perhaps best known for her work as a writer, producer, and co-developer on DC’s Adult Swim animated series My Adventures With Superman. Her previous comic book work includes DC titles like The New Champion of Shazam! and Amazons Attack. Meanwhile, Zonno is known for his work on BOOM! and IDW Publishing’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover.

What is I Heart Skull-Crusher about?

An official synopsis for I Heart Skull-Crusher reads as follows: “18-year-old Trini will do anything to compete in her favorite sport, Screaming Pain Ball, aspiring to the heights of her longtime hero Skull-Crusher! But she can’t do it alone, and a gaggle of misfits is just what she needs to cross the American wastes and battle in Queen Mob’s deadly tournament … With Trini’s dreams of being just like Skull-Crusher on the line, do she and her friends have what it takes to win a coveted spot on Skull-Crusher’s undefeated team?”

“I am BEYOND thrilled to bring I Heart Skull-Crusher to life with the talented Alessio; it’s everything I love — queer characters, anime influences, action, comedy, broken hearts, broken bones, Post-Apocalypse death matches — wrapped up in one gorgeous package,” Campbell said. “This is the story I’ve been wanting to tell for years!”

“I Heart Skull-Crusher has smashed my head and heart since Josie told me about it! I’m loving working with her and bringing these crazy characters to life and their incredible story fills me with energy,” Zonno added. “I’m completely immersed and I can’t stop drawing it!”

I Heart Skull-Crusher #1 goes on sale March 13, 2024 from BOOM! Studios.