Iron Man Tony Stark and White Queen Emma Frost

Invincible Iron Man Adds a Powerful New Weapon to His Arsenal

Tony Stark has created many impressive devices as Iron Man. His latest creation may be his most powerful weapon ever, yet it is also deceptively simple and craftily concealed.

Tony constructs his new tool in the final pages of Invincible Iron Man #11 by Gerry Duggan, Andrea Di Vito, and Bryan Valenza. Most of the issue centers around Tony’s Hawaiian honeymoon with White Queen Emma Frost. In truth, their vacation is a cover for a heist. The goal is a stockpile of the rare metal Mysterium concealed in Emma’s quarters on the island of Krakoa.

Tony Stark Creates Mysterium Cane

Once the metal is retrieved, Tony fashions the Mysterium into a cane. Nominally, this is meant to make it a status symbol, similar to the cane favored by Wilson Fisk. In truth, Tony chooses the cane shape to hide the Mysterium in plain sight while he tests it.

Why Iron Man made a Mysterium cane

Created by the mutants known as the Six, Mysterium may be the most powerful metal in the Marvel Universe. While not as strong as adamantium, it is far more malleable. It is 100 percent conductive to electricity, yet does not conduct heat, and blocks radiation.

Mysterium’s most impressive property is that it is incredibly resistant to magic. Sorcerers lose the ability to manipulate magic while making physical contact with objects made of Mysterium. It also has the unusual property of being able to free people from possession.

Iron Man is quick to put his new tool through the ringer, to see if Mysterium is as powerful as promised. His cane is able to resist both the most powerful spells of Doctor Strange, and the full energy output of Captain Marvel. Tony discovers it also has the ability to bypass Spider-Man‘s Spider-Sense, allowing him to sneak-attack Peter Parker.

Tony Tests Mysterium Cane on Spider-Man

Beyond being the most deadly fashion accessory ever, Tony’s new cane proves the properties of Mysterium. With the metal confirmed to be as powerful as promised, he can use it to make a weapon capable of fighting back against the new generation of Sentinels. It may look like a simple stick, but Tony’s cane may be more powerful than his best Iron Man armor.

Invincible Iron Man #11 is now available at comic shops everywhere.