the codex vol 1 kickstarter
(Photo Credit: Hayburner Studios)

You’ll Want to Grab The Codex Vol. 1 on Kickstarter Before It’s Too Late

Hayburner Studios’ graphic novel The Codex is already a Kickstarter success story having raised over $26,000. There’s still time to secure a copy of the 196-page post-apocalyptic graphic novel, though. SuperHeroHype was sent an early copy of the first volume, which is well worth your time.

“Join Tansky, Anna, Konrad, and Ace as they traverse the wastelands of Veroque, encountering eldritch beasts, nomadic mercenaries, and marauding warlords on their voyage to unveil the mysteries of The Codex — a grimoire of evil forged through the destruction of Darmok, the ancient demon,” reads the synopsis.

Written by YouTube veteran Cory Crater, The Codex is a strong start for the series. The post-apocalyptic world has really been fleshed out, and it features instantly likable characters (one of which is a cyborg dog — you can never go wrong with a cyborg dog!). The softcover version that SuperHeroHype received looks great, and the colors really pop off the page. This isn’t a drab apocalypse, as the graphic novel looks great in every panel. The story experienced in the first volume is satisfying while simultaneously setting the stage really well for the future, as I can’t wait to see more within this universe. You can tell Crater and the rest of the team really took time to think about the world of The Codex as a whole before telling a story within it and it really pays off.

While Crater is new to comics, he’s backed by a veteran team that helped make it into quite the polished product. It is wonderfully illustrated by Pablo De Bonis (Skies of Fire, Book 1 and 2) and colored by Damián Peñalba (Berserkers), with SFX by Adrian dela Cerna and designed by Andres Juarez (The Walking Dead Deluxe). There are also no worries to be had about completion as this first volume is already done, and the artists have been paid.

Don’t just take my word for it, veteran Marvel and DC writer Ed Brisson had high praise for the volume as well. “I’m a sucker for a good post-apocalyptic book, and The Codex does not disappoint!” said Brisson. “Crater and De Bonis have created an impressively expansive world with an unforgettable cast of misfits on a quest that feels truly epic.”