Marvel Debuts Inhyuk Lee’s ‘Last Days of Moon Knight’ Variant Covers

Marvel Comics has revealed artist Inhyuk Lee’s variant covers for the three-issue “Death of Moon Knight” storyline.

“Death of Moon Knight” kicks off in October’s Moon Knight #28 by Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio. The story arc continues in November’s Moon Knight #29 before concluding in December’s issue #30. The mark the solemn occasion, Marvel has commissioned Lee to create the “Last Days of Moon Knight” variant covers. These sequential variants illustrate Marc Spector’s fate, with the hero slowly being dragged six feet under.

Check out Inhyuk Lee’s variant covers for Moon Knight #28, #29, and #30 below:

What to expect from the death of Moon Knight

“Almost all the pieces are now on the board — on one side, Moon Knight and his allies in the Midnight Mission, and on the other, the Black Spectre, his creatures, and his plan for New York,” MacKay said of the climactic story arc. “We’ve been building towards this confrontation since #19, and starting with MOON KNIGHT #28, Moon Knight and the Black Spectre go to war. It’s not just a question of victory, but survival itself. The Midnight Mission is already cloaked in the black of mourning…”

An official synopsis for Moon Knight #28 reads as follows: “Moon Knight and his allies race to intercept the Black Spectre before his apocalyptic schemes bear fruit — but the clock is ticking, and a city hangs in the balance.” Additionally, the synopsis for issue #29 promises “THE FINAL HOURS OF MOON KNIGHT!” “As the clock ticks down, Moon Knight battles the Black Spectre for the fate of the city — and every step forward is paid for with blood,” it reads. “Will Moon Knight and his allies thwart the Spectre’s scheme? And if they do, what will remain of them?”

Moon Knight #28 goes on sale October 18 from Marvel Comics. Issue #29 arrives on November 29, followed by issue #30 on December 13. All three issues feature main covers by Stephen Segovia.

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