Superman: The Harvests of Youth Will Appeal to Fans of Smallville, Buffy

Superman: The Harvests of Youth writer/artist Sina Grace says fans of Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer alike will enjoy the upcoming DC graphic novel.

Due for release this October, The Harvests of Youth is a young adult original graphic novel set during Superman‘s teenage years in Smallville. Obviously, the comic has a lot in common with the 2001-2011 television series named after the fictional Kansas town (including the presence of characters like Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan). According to GLAAD Media Award-winning creator Grace, however, Buffy fans will also notice some familiar themes.

“This is a book that’s for high school students and up,” Grace told DC regarding The Harvests of Youth’s target audience. “I would say that if anyone grew up liking Smallville or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that same button is being hit. It’s a group of plucky, affable, well-dressed teenagers who are dealing with insane issues like grief, isolation and lots of other things.”

What is Superman: The Harvests of Youth about?

An official synopsis for Superman: The Harvests of Youth reads as follows: “Despite being a superpowered teenager, high school has been pretty normal for Clark Kent; but his idyllic life is wrenched away when the death of a classmate rocks all of Smallville. As he and his friends grieve, the challenges they face become darker, more complex, and deeply insidious. Clark feels completely out of his depth when Smallville’s latest threat proves that it takes more than fists and laser beams to save the day. For the first time in his life, Clark must grapple with life’s biggest questions, and confront his own mortality (or lack thereof) in order to become the hero his beloved town needs.”

DC originally announced The Harvests of Youth over a year ago at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. The 192-page OGN is written and illustrated by Grace, and colored by Cris Peter. “Cris did such a good job of adding this cottagecore element, but I knew she could then also bring the action scenes to the level that they needed to be, so it was a really great pairing,” Grace said in the recent DC interview.

Superman: The Harvests of Youth goes on sale Tuesday, October 3 from DC.