Dark Knights of Steel Writer Is Hoping for a Sequel to the DC Elseworlds Series

DC‘s Elseworlds series Dark Knights of Steel has ended — but writer Tom Taylor is hoping to revisit the superhero fantasy universe in the future.

“Fire and blood. Dark Knights Of Steel #12 is out this week,” Taylor wrote on on Bluesky. The end of our epic. Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto, Wes Abbott and Ben Abernathy have brought so much to this new DC universe. I hope we can return.”

Tom Taylor Teases Dark Knights of Steel Sequel on Bluesky

How does Dark Knights of Steel set up a sequel?

Set in a medieval version of the DC Universe, Dark Knights of Steel mixes superheroes with the drama of Game of Thrones. At this time, DC has not confirmed anything regarding a potential follow-up. However, the series’ 12th and final issue drops some hints as to what a sequel might involve.

The story ends with the war between the Kingdom of Storms, the Amazons, and the House of El being resolved amicably. The heroes of the three realms form a mighty Justice League around the newfound alliance between their kingdoms. However, General Amanda Waller, who worked in secret to start the war, remains in power.

As the treaty is signed, it is noted that there are many who will see the alliance of the three kingdoms as a threat. These include “the Lord of the Seas, the Sky Realm (and) the Jarls of the Frozen Islands.” These first two are almost certainly references to Aquaman and Hawkman, who did not appear in Dark Knights of Steel. It is unclear who the Jarls of the frozen islands might be.

Dark Knights of Steel #12 is on sale now from DC.