Star Wars: Visions Peach Momoko

Star Wars: Visions Gets a New One-Shot From Peach Momoko, Design Artwork Revealed

Peach Momoko is helming a new Star Wars: Visions one-shot to kick off a new anthology series.

Revealed exclusively by, Momoko is writing and illustrating a one-shot titled Star Wars: Visions — Peach Momoko #1. The one-shot is the first in a new Star Wars: Visions anthology series from Marvel Comics that will be followed by a number of works from yet-to-be-announced creators.

“Centuries after the death of a great Sith Lord, a cult has grown around him and are worshipping the dark side,” Marvel Comics teased. “Ankok believes she is the successor to the Legacy of the Sith with her Dark Side powers! But is she truly in tune with the Force? Or is she just exploiting the people in her village? Kako and Gel are about to come face-to-face with the truth… even if it kills them!”

View Momoko’s design artwork for the upcoming Star Wars one-shot below.

Momoko embraces the dark side in Star Wars: Visions

“I wanted to tell a story about a cult. And I felt within the Star Wars universe, the dark side was something that ties to when a human, or something living, loses itself and then wants to rely on believing something in order to have hope to live,” Momoko said. “I believe falling to the dark side is nothing to be ashamed of. It could save you. Sometimes the dark side can help defeat your trauma and fear. In the story, Ankok’s belief is that the time when light defeats darkness has ended. It is the time to accept the darkness. And Tata is only using the dark side to help those who need a ‘dark light.’”

Momoko previously wrote and illustrated a story set in a galaxy far, far away in 2023’s Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black, White & Red #1. She is also known for her Demon Days saga, which reimagines popular Marvel Comics storylines (such as Civil War and the Phoenix Saga) with a Japanese folklore influence.

Featuring cover art by Momoko, Star Wars: Visions — Peach Momoko #1 releases on November 15, 2023, from Marvel Comics.