Blue Beetle first-look DC new series

Blue Beetle First Look Previews Jaime Reyes’ New Dawn of DC Adventure

Jaime Reyes is entering the Dawn of DC. The publisher has released a first look at the upcoming Blue Beetle series.

Per AIPT, DC Comics‘ Blue Beetle #1 preview sees Jaime Reyes training Yellow Beetle/Dynastes and Green Beetle/Nitida, both of whom were introduced in the 2023 Blue Beetle: Graduation Day miniseries. The trio now operates out of Palmera City, a new location also introduced in Blue Beetle: Graduation Day. It will be featured further in Jaime’s live-action Blue Beetle movie, which releases theatrically on August 18, 2023.

View the Blue Beetle #1 preview and cover art below.

What is Blue Beetle’s new series about?

In Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, Jaime finished high school and made his way to Palmera City for a gap year. He then got caught up in a plot involving Ted Kord’s sister, Victoria. Jaime also butted heads with a team assembled by Batman, after being told by Superman that he was grounded from being a superhero for the time being.

The new Blue Beetle series picks up after the events of Graduation Day, and sees Jaime off to college. 

The solicitation for the first issue reads, “Jaime Reyes’s graduation is over, but his new life in Palmera City and as the Blue Beetle has only just begun! With two new Beetles to train in Dynastes and Nitida, Jaime has his hands full navigating being a leader. Thankfully, he has Paco and Brenda by his side as they settle in at Palmera State University. But what lurks in the shadows of Blue Beetle’s new home and what does it mean for the Blue Beetle legacy?”

Blue Beetle #1 is written by Josh Trujillo, and features art and cover art by Adrián Gutiérrez. Variants come from David Lafuente, Keron Grant, Emmanuel Valtierra, and Pablo Villalobos, along with a Spanish language cover by Gutiérrez.

Blue Beetle #1 releases on September 5, 2023, from DC Comics.