Sabretooth War Marvel Wolverine

Wolverine and Sabretooth Go to War in New 10-Part Marvel Storyline

Wolverine and Sabretooth are headed to war with one another in an epic new ten-part Marvel Comics storyline, Sabretooth War.

Marvel Comics announced Benjamin Percy, Victor LaValle, Cory Smith, and Geoff Shaw are crafting a new Sabretooth War epic, which begins in Wolverine #41. Each issue will be co-written by Percy and LaValle, with Smith illustrating the Wolverine-focused issues and Shaw the Sabretooth-centered chapters.

“Get ready for the showdown to end all showdowns: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth!” Marvel teased. “It’s been years since these heavy hitters have crossed paths in the Marvel Universe, but as Krakoa falls, so rises Sabretooth—and he’s out for revenge!  They threw Victor Creed in the Pit, but he’s free and, wielding an army of Sabretooths, will prove once and for all why he is Logan’s ultimate nemesis.”

While most former X-Men villains found refuge and (at least some level of) redemption on Krakoa, Sabretooth/Victor Creed was sentenced to a hellish prison known as the Pit for breaking a foundational law on the mutant’s safe haven. He managed to escape, only to then be captured by the anti-mutant organization known as ORCHIS. With some help from the Exiles, Sabretooth broke free and, after dealing with his malevolent son, Graydon Creed, vowed to return to Krakoa with a small army of his own variants he’d uncovered.

Sabretooth War will be the ‘most violent Wolverine story in Marvel history’

“Sabretooth is the definition of big bad—one of the nastiest, cruelest, scariest villains in the 616 and Wolverine’s greatest nemesis,” Percy said. “Which is exactly why we haven’t allowed their stories to intersect—during this age of Krakoa—until now. The tension has built up painfully, and now these two savage titans are going to claw and slash their way into each other’s lives again in what will be the most violent Wolverine story in Marvel history.”

LaValle added, “I’m geeked I get to continue the story of Sabretooth that I began in that first mini-series back in 2021. Even more thrilled to tell it in tandem with my friend Ben Percy, who knows how to thrill and terrify with the best of them. We plan to make this a visceral story of two lifelong enemies coming to their most violent ends, and I’m excited to get the blood flowing.”

Sabretooth War begins in Wolverine #41, which features cover art by Leinil Francis Yu and releases on January 10, 2023. The second chapter, Wolverine #42, also features cover art by Francis Yu and follows on January 31, 2023.