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Detective Comics’ Ram V Signs Exclusive Two-Year DC Contract

Detective Comics and The Swamp Thing writer Ram V has signed an exclusive two-year contract with DC.

Per Popverse, DC announced that Ram V had signed a new exclusive deal with the publisher during the Gotham City Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2023. Ram V, who was present at the panel, spoke on the Detective Comics run he is currently writing, which launched in July 2022. “So far, I’ve tried to come up with really inventive ways of putting Batman through the wringer,” he said. “The third act, we go through the metaphorical death and rebirth of your central character.”

DC further revealed the next arc of Detective Comics, which will team Ram V with artists Dustin Nguyen and Jason Scott Alexander. The arc is titled “Outlaw” and will be western-themed.

Ram V’s DC Comics History, Explained

Ram V, who has also contributed to Marvel’s ongoing Venom and Carnage series (along with the recently launched Web of Carnage miniseries), has worked on a number of DC comics over the years. In addition to Detective Comics, these titles include Catwoman, Justice League, Batman: Urban Legends, and more.

Additionally, Ram V co-created Levi Kamei, the newest version of Swamp Thing, with Mike Perkins in 2021’s Infinite Frontier #0. The two of them continued to explore the character in a Swamp Thing run that lasted for 16 issues and concluded in August 2022. Around the same time, he also worked with artist Christian Ward on a cosmic horror Black Label miniseries starring Arthur Curry, Aquaman: Andromeda.

Along with Detective Comics, Ram V is also currently writing another DC series, The Vigil, featuring characters who were first introduced during the publisher’s Lazarus Planet event. The Vigil is a group of rogue meta-humans who are trying to take out experimental weapons before they fall into enemy hands. 

The next issue of the limited series, The Vigil #4, releases on Aug. 15.