The Punisher

The Punisher: Marvel Comics Teases Huge SDCC Announcement

Marvel Comics will unload a heavy-gauge Punisher announcement at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

Shared on Marvel Comics’ Twitter account, new artwork teases the future of the Punisher gives the iconic character a new look and weapons. The character’s face is blacked out in the and accompanied by the slogan, “WHO IS THE PUNISHER?”

More information will be revealed at the Marvel: Heroes, Hulks, and Super-Soldiers Panel on Friday, July 21, 2023, at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Punisher: What Happened to Frank Castle?

In the most recent Punisher series by Jason Aaron (Avengers, Thor,) Jesús Saiz, and Paul Azaceta, The Punisher made a deal with the devil to become the Hand’s personal assassin. The role gave Frank his own superpowers, including super-strength and flight, which he then used to battle Daredevil/Matt Murdock.

In exchange, the Hand resurrected Frank’s long-deceased wife, Maria Castle. Maria, however, became fed up with how many people Frank was willing to protect her. Finally — in 2022’s Punisher #11 — she shot shot her husband with a magical gun.

Punisher #12 — the final issue — reveals Frank survived the gunshot. However, the injuries cause him to lose his superpowers as he’s captured by the Avengers. Summoning the magic within the bullets removed from his body, Frank then sends himself to Weirdworld. Doctor Strange then cracks that the “Punisher is no more.”

Whether Frank is returning or if someone new is taking over as the Punisher will be revealed on July 21 at San Diego Comic-Con.