Fall of X Trailer Previews Dark New Marvel Comics Era

Marvel Comics has released an official trailer for the Fall of X event, heralding a new dark age for mutantkind.

Per Marvel, the trailer highlights the supervillain group Orchis’ “brutal attack” on the Hellfire Gala. “However, amidst the epic tragedy comes hope as it’s revealed the X-Men have survived and are scattered across the globe and beyond! Now across many fronts, the climactic war for mutantkind’s survival and the fate of Krakoa begins!”

Check out the Fall of X trailer below:

It all kicks off in X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1, which hits comic shops late this coming July. Fall of X will then continue within the pages of X-Men, Astonishing Iceman, Wolverine, Children of the Vault, Invincible Iron Man, Dark X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, Realm of X, X-Men Red, Alpha Flight, X-Force, Uncanny Spider-Man, Immortal X-Men, and Jean Grey. To that end, Fall of X also encapsulates the upcoming X-Men/Invincible Iron Man two-part crossover featuring the wedding of Tony Stark and Emma Frost.

The road to Fall of X

“Since Jonathan Hickman’s revolutionary 2019 series HOUSE OF X, mutantkind has thrived on the island nation of Krakoa. From terraforming Mars to discovering mutant resurrection, mutantkind has reshaped the Marvel Universe as we know it,” Marvel explains.

“But while they were achieving greatness, their deadliest enemies have been plotting their ultimate downfall… and in next month’s X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA 2023 #1, they strike!” the publisher continues. “Consisting of Nimrod, Omega Sentinel, Moira MacTaggert, Feilong, and other anti-mutant foes, this ruthless group of supervillains call themselves Orchis and their masterplan could doom Krakoa and all its accomplishments. The catastrophic events of the Hellfire Gala will send your favorite characters away from the safety of Krakoa and into a dark new age known as FALL OF X!” The House of Ideas further promises a “thrilling and unpredictable period of X-Men storytelling.”

X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1 by Gerry Duggan, Kris Anka, Joshua Cassara, Russell Dauterman, Adam Kubert, Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, Luciano Vecchio, Matteo Lolli, Javier Pina, and Valerio Schiti goes on sale July 26.