Eddie Brock Clashes With Doctor Doom in Marvel’s Venom #25

Venom had better prepare for the boom. Marvel Comics has revealed the details for the super-sized Venom #25, which pits Eddie Brock against Doctor Doom.

Coming in at a whopping 50 pages, Venom #25 is set to hit comic shops this September. The issue is written by Al Ewing and illustrated by the team of Sergio Dávila, Cafu, Ken Lashley, and Julius Ohta. Bryan Hitch provides the cover art for Venom #25, which sees Eddie Brock/Venom and Dr. Victor Von Doom come to blows. Eddie can also be seen rocking his brand-new look, which will officially debut in next week’s Venom #21.

According to Marvel, Venom #25 sees Eddie “make a desperate move to turn the tide of his ongoing battle against Meridius by going after none other than Doctor Doom! Bonded to a new symbiote and equipped with new abilities, Venom is more powerful than ever but against Doom, he’s in way over his head…”

Why is Venom fighting Doctor Doom?

As for why the Lethal Protector is squaring up to Doom specifically: “Eddie Brock needs access to Doctor Doom’s time platform but in doing so, got more than he ever bargained for, battling the most notorious super villain in the Marvel Universe through time itself! Luckily, Eddie’s well versed in navigating the timestream thanks to his recent adventures. He’s poised to take his conflict with Meridius to its frenetic and fist-filled finish — if he survives DOOM!”

Additionally, Marvel teases that “Eddie’s battle with Doom will land him, briefly, in a very unexpected place… MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL! But what, or who, could he find there?”

“When Editor Devin Lewis pitched me the 50-page oversized issue, my first thought was packing as much bang per buck into those fifty pages as possible — and who provides more bang than the Lord of Latveria?” Ewing said. “Victor makes a great counterpoint for Eddie Brock — the King and the commoner, the polymath of a thousand schemes and the brutal bar-room brawler. And, of course, the big difference between them — Eddie’s forgiven a lot of his old enemies, but nobody carries a grudge like Doctor Doom…”

Venom #25 goes on sale on Sept. 6.