Exclusive: First Look At Immortal X-Men #11 Cover & Solicits

The Sins of Sinister are upon us, and Sinister has already won by bringing the Quiet Council, and the entire mutant nation of Krakoa under his control. However, Sinister has also lost control of his experiment and he’s unable to end the alternate timeline as it unfolds into the future. So for now, a few familiar X-books have been replaced with titles like Immoral X-Men, Nightcrawlers, and Storm and the Brotherhood. But in May, Immortal X-Men #11 will resume the prime timeline and explore the fallout from Sinister’s actions.

Superhero Hype is proud to present an exclusive first look at Mark Brooks’ cover for Immortal X-Men #11, as well as the solicitation text for the issue.


Kieron Gillen (W) • Lucas Werneck (A) • Cover by Mark Brooks


Sins of Sinister is over…but the sins fallout remains. Storm can’t believe what everyone has done. But when the fate of two worlds rests in her hands, what can she do about it?

Immortal X-Men writer Kieron Gillen also shared his thoughts on Storm’s mindset coming out of the crossover.

“I think of Storm as the roommate who went to visit friends for a couple of weeks, and got back to a shared flat to find the toilets are blocked, the kitchen is knee-deep in pizza boxes and – oh yeah! – the roof is on fire. You could probably replace every second line Storm says in this issue with YOU DID WHAT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU LOT! In short, Sins of Sinister is over, and the sins remain, and Storm hopes she can be the hard rain washing it all away.”

Marvel’s full May 2023 solicitations will be released later this week.

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