Exclusive First Look At Jessica Jones and Daredevil In The Variants #2

This summer, writer Gail Simone and artist Phil Noto are teaming up for a new Jessica Jones adventure in the upcoming miniseries, The Variants. Marvel’s top private investigator has suddenly found herself on a case in which she keeps running into herself…literally! Somehow, various versions of Jessica from across the multiverse are appearing in the main Marvel Universe, and it’s making her life very complicated. The Variants #2.

Marvel has passed along the exclusive first look at The Variants #2 cover by Noto, which finds Jessica locking lips with Daredevil. Somehow, we suspect that Jessica’s husband, Luke Cage, won’t be happy about this development, even if it’s not actually his Jessica with Matt Murdock’s alter ego.

“No big deal, just two of the greatest Marvel characters ever created, that I never dreamed I would get to write, and it’s basically the most exciting thing ever and oh, yeah, PHIL NOTO drew it,” said Simone in a statement. “Seriously though, it’s everything I love about the backstreets of the Marvel Universe, and I am hoping you’ll love it too. I love this book. And that cover leads to SO MUCH CHAOS.”

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Here’s the official description of the issue:

“Jessica Jones is experiencing terrifying blackouts and leaving chaos and pain in her wake. But will the latest effects of her missing time leave her on the wrong side of the law AND her own family?

Meanwhile, the mysterious VARIANTS arrive, and Jessica fears for her own sanity!”

Marvel also sent the variant cover for issue #2 by Ivan Shavrin.

The Variants #2 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, July 27.

What do you think about Jessica Jones’ latest Marvel adventure? Let us know in the comment section below!

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