Embrace Your Inner Hero With Smiggle’s Marvel Collection

Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-Man are among the greatest superheroes ever created. And Marvel’s iconic stories have charted their tales across comic books, video games, and blockbuster movies. Their collective might is incredible, but it’s unmatched by the compassion and integrity in their hearts. Marvel’s characters know what it means to be a hero, and they are an inspiration to fans all over the world. Within the realm of fiction, they have the power. But now it’s time to unleash the power of you!

Smiggle and Marvel have teamed up for an exclusive collection that allows you to embrace your inner hero while proudly displaying your Marvel fandom. You may not be able to actually join the Avengers, but you can express yourself through a number of different ways with Smiggle’s limited-edition Marvel collection.

There’s no better place to start than with the Marvel Egg-Cellent Surprise. Jam packed with plenty of Marvel goodies such as a Marvel drink bottle, Spiderman keyring, Captain America Slapband and heaps more, it’s the perfect gift for little lovers of the Marvel Universe.

Need to keep time under pressure? The Spider-Man Slapband Watch can wrap around your wrist faster than Spidey can unleash his webs! Underneath the moveable Spidey logo is a digital clock that can help guide your day. And if you want options, Iron Man and Hulk both have Slapband Watches of their own.

Keeping your keys safe is a great responsibility. And that’s what the Marvel Alphabet Keyring is meant to do, with a touch of style. Pick the letter of the alphabet that you want to represent, and it will come adorned with the icons of several Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and even Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel’s Mini Pen Pals Keyring is another fun option that lets you bring your favourite heroes on the go. For example, Thor’s Mini Pen Pals come with a Thor-themed notebook and a small pen that looks just like his hammer! Both the pen and the notebook fit comfortably within the keyring, which can easily be attached to your backpack.

Keeping in touch with your friends and family is always important, and the Marvel Phone Case can protect your device from falls and inadvertent scratching. It also features an assortment of Marvel images, including Black Widow, Rocket, Thor, and Spider-Man.

For a simpler approach, the Marvel Spider-Man Phone Ring easily attaches to the back of any phone and allows you to place it in a safe area where it won’t be lost.

The Marvel A5 Lockable Notebook comes with 160 pages and an eye-catching Spider-Man cover. But more importantly, it has a Spidey-themed lock that allows anything you write down to remain a secret. After all, heroes need a place where they can share their innermost thoughts without fear.

For regular school work, the Marvel Notebook comes with a wonderful lineup of Marvel icons on the cover with embossed logos. And on the back of each page are illustrations of Marvel characters that can be coloured in when you just want to have fun with your heroes.

There’s nothing quite like superhero stationery to make even homework seem like fun! The Marvel Write Box Set comes with almost everything you need to do school work or to come up with your own stories. The package includes a Marvel-themed notepad, eraser, 1 spy marker pen, 1 rainbow pen, 5 grey lead pencils, and 2 Marvel sticker sheets.

If you’re taking your pens and pencils on the go, then the Marvel Pop Out Pencil Case is another fun accessory. It comes with its own calculator and pencil sharpener, as well as room for an eraser, pens, and pencils, as well as a sharply designed lenticular print that shows off 2 incredible Marvel designs.

For an extraordinary art experience, the Marvel Zip It Stationery Kit features 12 coloured pencils, 2 highlighters, 2 grey lead pencils, a pencil case, a sticky notepad, a ruler, an eraser, 6 gel pens, and more!

Do you want to protect your money from getting lost or falling into the wrong hands? The Marvel Moneybox Safe can help keep your change secure with an easy-to-use coin slot and a dial combination that can be set to a code that only you know.

For larger objects, the Marvel Booksafe can lock away almost anything you want to protect. And it’s designed to look like a regular book on the outside, so it can be placed on a bookshelf and hidden in plain sight until you need to get to it. Just remember where you put the key!

Having fun is an important part of being a kid. And that’s what the Marvel Putty Packs are for! Within these 3 containers are a trio of Marvel miniature figures who are menaced by slime, butter putty, and crystal putty. Use your imagination to put Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America through some extremely gooey adventures. But remember to wash up afterwards!

And finally, when you’re not quite ready to go to bed, the Marvel Light Projector works as both a night light and a projector that comes with 24 pics of your favourite Marvel heroes including Iron Man, Spider-Man, and more! Let your imagination run wild with these, and who knows what dreams may come? Perhaps you’ll even dream of having superpowers of your own!

Editor’s note: This is post is sponsored by Smiggle’s Marvel Collection