X-Men ’92 Takes on House of X In a New Comic Book Miniseries

While a revival of X-Men: The Animated Series is already heading to Disney+ next year,  Marvel isn’t waiting around to put a retro spin on Jonathan Hickman’s House of X storyline. That’s why the X-Men ’92 team is back in a new miniseries, X-Men ’92: House of XCII. And yes, XCII are the Roman numerals for 92.

Writer Steve Foxe and artist Salva Espin are the creative team for House of XCLL, which reimagines the founding of the mutant nation of Krakoa decades earlier. In Hickman’s House of X, Charles Xavier, Magneto, and almost every mutant in the world abandoned previous conflicts and formed a new society. It could even be argued that many of Krakoan’s residents are now mutant supremacists. However, the X-Men are still dedicated to protecting humans and mutants from threats.

Marvel’s description for the new series suggests that most of the premise remains the same. But there will be some key differences:

“Mutantkind is taking a huge leap forward by founding their own nation on the island of Krakoa, guided by Professor X, Magneto, and a mysterious long-lived woman who knows more than she should… But this won’t be the story you know. Expect the unexpected as the action, secrets, and high stakes drama that made House of X such a masterpiece are shaken up in a totally new way!”

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“To say that the ‘90s X-Men comics had a big impact on my development is an understatement,” said Foxe in a statement. “Getting the opportunity to pay tribute to such an important era in mutant history 30 years later—and to remix the franchise-redefining work currently being done by creators like Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard, and Gerry Duggan—is the definition of a “dream gig,” especially with some of the WILD deviations we’re taking from the source material. If I died tomorrow, I’d be happy…but please resurrect me ASAP on Krakoa.”

“The character designs of this era have always been the most attractive and powerful to me,” added Espin. “Those comics and the animated series made my imagination fly and very soon I began to make illustrations and mini comics as a fan that I shared with my schoolmates. These were the first drawings that encouraged me to pursue the dream of becoming a comic artist. With this book, we intend to pay tribute to that powerful era that was the 90s. The moment when super heroes looked better than ever with colorful tight-fitting spandex.”

X-Men ’92: House of XCII #1 will hit comic book stores in April.

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