Queen Goblin Rises In Amazing Spider-Man #88

Yet another Goblin-themed supervillain is entering Ben Reilly’s life, and she has her sights set on all of New York. As the Beyond Era continues in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man, the series’ creative team is gearing up for the debut of a terrifying new foe who puts all other Goblins to shame. This February, the title’s 88th issue will formally introduce readers to Queen Goblin.

Artist and Beyond Board member Patrick Gleason led the charge on Queen Goblin’s design. While her true identity remains a mystery, Marvel hints that she has “long roots” in the history of Spider-Man. And whatever she has planned for the Big Apple is too big to cover in just one issue. According to the creators’ announcement, her reign of terror will carry over into The Amazing Spider-Man #89 and #90.

“Queen Goblin was one of the coolest ideas from our Beyond story summit,” said executive editor Nick Lowe. “All of the writers were riffing on the concept and character and when Pat Gleason dug in on the design we all LOST it. You aren’t going to believe this newest addition to Spidey’s rogue’s gallery!”

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“When Nick and Zeb asked me to help with character design for Queen Goblin in Beyond I was thrilled,” added Gleason. “We went New-Medieval with some tweaks on the old Goblin toys. What’s even more fun is letting her off the chain and watching the rest of the art team like Arthur Adams run with her. The writing team has been working like crazy to make her debut worthy of a Queen. I’m writing a scene now that will hopefully melt some brains too.”

February is shaping up to be a big month for Spidey’s comic book adventures. A week after Queen Goblin makes her debut, Marvel will release Amazing Spider-Man #88.BEY, a new one-shot starring members of the Slingers, including former Prowler, Hobie Brown, as the new Hornet. At the end of the month, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #35 will also pit Miles and Shift against Space Stone-host Quantum and the Assessor, with some extra help from the Beyond Corporation.

The Amazing Spider-Man #88 will hit comic shops on February 2. You can view covers for the upcoming issues in the gallery below.

Do you have any theories about Queen Goblin’s real identity? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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