Exclusive Preview: Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club #1

The tales of Hellboy and Sir Edward Grey will collide in a new miniseries, Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and his longtime collaborator, Chris Roberson, will reteam to co-write the series. They will also be joined by artists Ben Stenbeck and Christopher Mitten, as well as colorist Michelle Madsen.

“With Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club we wanted to go back to the kinds of stories that inspired the creation of Sir Edward Grey and Sarah Jewell in the first place,” said Roberson. “Characters like William Hope Hodgson’s Carnacki and Algernon Henry Blackwood’s John Silence, Victorian and Edwardian occult investigators who swapped stories over drinks in smoky rooms in between hunting ghosts and solving mysteries.”

Additionally, Superhero Hype is proud to present an exclusive preview for Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club #1. In 1953, Hellboy and his adoptive father, Professor Bruttenholm, learn about a case that took place decades earlier. And that’s where we hear about the Silver Lantern Club. The Professor’s uncle, Simon Bruttenholm, is also more than willing to share what he knows.

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Roberson also shed some light on the creation of Sarah Jewell. Regardless of her absence in the preview, she will have a large role in the story.

“When Mike Mignola and I first discussed the character of Sarah Jewell, in fact, we imagined her sitting at a pub with Sir Edward and a bunch of other guys, trying to one-up each other with tales of their exploits like the characters in Jaws comparing scars around the table. I always wanted to find out who else was sitting at that table in the pub with the two of them. And also what kinds of adventures they’d gotten up to. Some of them we’ve met before in the pages of Witchfinder, and some we are meeting here for the first time. But each issue tells the story of a different supernatural investigation that one or more of the members of the Silver Lantern Club has been involved with.”

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Dark Horse Comics has also released the official description for the issue:

“Hellboy learns about the mysteries of an exorcism gone wrong and more when his occult investigator relative reveals secretive and perilous adventures of one of the Hellboy Universe’s most mysterious societies! Silver Lantern Club member Simon Bruttenholm relates a tale from the dawn of radio, in which Sir Edward Grey and Sarah Jewel go toe to toe with . . . technology?”

Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club #1 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, October 27.

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