Gotham’s Underworld Is Uneasy in Batman: The Audio Adventures Trailer

The Batman: The Audio Adventures‘ release is almost upon us. Saturday Night Live veteran Dennis McNicholas’s scripted podcast will allow fans to join The Dark Knight in his latest fights against crime in Gotham. The 10-episode podcast will see Westworld and The Hunger Games vet Jeffrey Wright voicing Bruce Wayne/Batman while The Mandalorian alum Rosario Dawson is dubbing Selena Kyle/Catwoman, among others. Finally, HBO Max has debuted the official trailer, revealing a bit of what’s coming next for fans. In the audio, the masked vigilante interrogates Commissioner Gordon about the latest news from Gotham’s criminal underworld. In addition to Dawson introducing her character, John Leguizamo voices a pretty annoyed Riddler.

You can check the Batman: The Audio Adventures trailer in the player below. A longer version has also been released over at EW.

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Per the official description:

“A tale of life and death in Gotham City. After years of vigilante crime fighting, Batman prepares to become an official Gotham member of the Gotham City Police Department, deepening the rift between himself and Catwoman, who’s been using Gotham criminals as her personal ATM. Meanwhile, Two-Face is deteriorating, his two halves at war and his obsession with duality out of control — which his rival the Penguin is more than happy to take advantage of. The Riddler, after years in the shadow of Batman’s A-list foes, is desperate to have his work taken seriously. And the Joker has big, big plans for Valentine’s day…”

Batman: The Audio Adventures will debut on Saturday, Sept. 18.

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