Marvel Previews the Next Amazing Spider-Man Era With New Artwork

This fall, Nick Spencer will close out his three-year run on The Amazing Spider-Man and pass the baton to a five-person creative team with bold plans for Peter Parker’s alter-ego. The upcoming relaunch will notably feature the return of Peter’s clone, Ben Reilly, who wants to be Spider-Man again. Ben also has the support of the mysterious Beyond Corporation to help him pull this off. Now, we have a better idea of how the new creative team (dubbed the “Beyond Board”) will divvy up the workload for the series’ thrice-monthly schedule. Marvel has announced new details for the first three issues, all of which hit stands in October.

The new team’s run will officially kick off with The Amazing Spider-Man #75, which arrives on October 6. Zeb Wells will pen the first story, with Patrick Gleason handling the artwork. Wells and Gleason will team up again on the following week’s issue. And judging by Arthur Adams’ cover, which shows Spidey convalescing in a hospital bed with Mary Jane by his side, it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. However, TASM #77 will switch things up with Kelly Thompson and Sarah Pichelli taking over as writer and artist, respectively. That issue will hit comic shops on October 20.

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Marvel editor Nick Lowe also shared more about what each new creator will bring to the table this year.

“When we started building ‘Beyond’ we knew we had to pull out all the stops from the artistic side,” said Lowe. “That began with making sure Patrick Gleason was with us from the get-go as a writer AND an artist. His recent webhead covers have rocked the industry showing yet another element to the incredible career that we all saw on display during his run on Amazing Spider-Man. He quickly stepped up to be our artistic cornerstone, but we also needed to make sure that whoever else joined him were elite talents.”

“Sara Pichelli is an absolute legend, creating some of the most impactful work of the last ten years,” continued Lowe. “It’s crazy to think this will be her first time drawing Amazing Spider-Man, and she’s already blown us away with her masterful work. Michael Dowling’s work on Unfollow and other works got him hired for Black Cat, but his work there showed us that he would be an absolute superstar, and his issues are already blowing our minds. And then, to be able to land Arthur Adams as our cover artist. I mean, from his classic X-Men Annuals to today, Arthur has defined the Marvel Universe visually as much as almost anyone. So to have him here? I’m beyond excited. And wait until we reveal the rest of our all-star roster!”

You can view some early artwork for the new team’s run in the gallery below.

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