Marvel Announces the New Amazing Spider-Man Creative Team

Earlier this month, Marvel revealed that writer Nick Spencer will depart Amazing Spider-Man in September after a three-year run. However, Marvel will not be relaunching the title with a new issue #1. Instead, a new creative team will take over the title when Amazing Spider-Man #75 arrives in October.

Writers Kelly Thompson, Zeb Wells, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, and artist Patrick Gleason will be the new primary creative team. Additionally, Amazing Spider-Man will be returning to a thrice-monthly schedule. Presumably Gleason will be joined by other artists as well. And for the first storyline, the Spider-Man writers are reintroducing Peter Parker’s clone, Ben Reilly.

Ben was killed off during The Clone Saga in the ’90s. Regardless, Ben returned during Dan Slott’s The Clone Conspiracy storyline in a more villainous role. Ben was redeemed after the relaunched Scarlet Spider comic and his appearance in Spider-Geddon. Now, Ben wants to be Spider-Man again. And he’s got the backing of the Beyond Corporation to make that happen.

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“The whole point of working on Spider-Man is trying to put new unliftable weights on top of him—physical, metaphysical, emotional, psychological—and seeing if he can lift them,” said Amazing Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe. “But what if that weight truly is too heavy? What if someone with the exact same skills and formative years could do better? Ben Reilly is back and, with Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s lessons in the back of HIS mind as well, he’s here to step in where Peter Parker failed. Can he accomplish things the original Spider-Man never could?”

“These questions are what sold me on this story,” continued Lowe. “When Zeb Wells started building this story it became apparent that it needed a narrative velocity and a team of the best of the best to make it happen. So we gathered some of the greatest writers and artists in comics to join us and the story got even better and bigger and more surprising.”

The new Amazing Spider-Man team will have a preview story in the Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book Day 2021 special on August 13. You can check out Gleason’s full cover for that story below.

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